Solar Clad / Precured GRP PE 55

SolarClad is a range of pre-cured pipe sections and moulded accessories such as bends, elbows, t-pieces, end caps, valve & flange boxs etc…, based on our SolarRoll PE 55 UV curing GRP (Glass Re-inforced Plastic) Laminate containing high grade Isophthalic Polyester resins, fillers and glass re-inforcements which have been formulated to ensure excellent protection against corrosion, abrasion, impact and aggressive climatic conditions.

SolarClad products have been introduced to the Solartech range in order to provide a more efficient and improved user friendly application procedure when applying Solartech products to all types of insulation and also as a non metallic cladding system, while still maintaining the integrity of the product.

SolarClad can be supplied ex factory ready to fit or alternatively pre-formed at site location. The pre-cured sections have adequate flexibility to be sprung open and fitted in position on the pipe section. The wide range of moulded accessories, are supplied to order, ex factory and from approved SolarClad accessory manufacturers.

SolarClad products are bonded together using the SolarBond adhesive systems.