Multiplex Foil

PAP Foil Multiplex Foil


PAP Foil Multiplex Foil is a vapour barrier foil, a three layer lamination of polyester film / aluminium foil / polyester film. Used as a facing over insulation board, segments, pipe sections etc. Primarily used in cold / cryogenic insulation systems, to prevent the ingress of moisture into the insulation. It combines the excellent vapour barrier properties of aluminium with the outstanding mechanical and thermal characteristics of polyester film, giving an ideal, flexible and efficient barrier material, suitable for outdoor use.





Absolute vapor barrier

Excellent reflector of radiant heat

Extreme tear resistance

Extreme puncture resistance

Great temperature application -70 to 150ºC (-100 to 300º F)

Lightweight and flexible

Easy to cut and quick to install

Fast and safe installation

Low maintenance costs

Works well in all climates

Environmental friendliness, safety, and non-toxicity


Construction:                12 / 25 / 12 micron – poly / alu / poly

Thickness:                    50 micron