Expansion Springs

Expansion (Breather) Spring is designed to secure insulation over large diameter insulated piping,
tanks, vessels, and equipment subject to expansion and contraction. Expansion Springs are also available in Stainless Steel type 302, 304L & 316L Available length 100mm & 120mm.Available in various
widths suitable for straps from 12mm to 50mm Wide. Expansion Springs are simply attached to strapping with stainless steel wing seals. The strapping is slipped through the seal and then through the spaced opening at either end of the spring. The strapping is then bent back and the wings of the seal are flattened. Strapping is then extended completely around the insulated object, or to the next spring, and the same routine is repeated until the entire circumference has been encircled. The maximum expansion of the 4″ spring should not exceed 2½” beyond its original length; it is recommended that each spring be stretched ½” upon installation. This allows an additional 2″ expansion capability per spring. The number and size of expansion springs to be used should have an expansion capability of at least twice that of the expected expansion of the object. Extreme care should be taken to assure that stresses are evenly distributed around the insulation.