Calcium Silicate

It is the microcellular structured inorganic rigid and super-light heat insulation material mainly composed of inorganic siliceous and calcium and made by special technology such as the hydrothermal reaction under high temperature and high pressure etc. And it’s the national inspection-free product that has firstly won the ISO9001 certification in the same industry. It can still maintain the high insulating effect at 650℃ and is advantageous in the stability of coping with temperature changes. With super-low chloride ion content, it can provide very nice protection on pipelines, and is prefabricated to shape up, greatly extending the service life. Additionally, the company has kept upgrading product technology to improve the product, reducing the product density from 220kg/m³ to 180kg/m³ while maintaining its strength, thus reducing the thermal conductivity from 0.065 to 0.049