Butyl Gum Tape

Butyl Gum Tape are a supported synthetic rubber sealant in ribbon form. They offer a watertight, gasket-like seal in applications such as bedding glass, around window and door frames, etc. They can also act as a metal seam sealer in overlap seams, building panels, rain gutters, expansion and contraction joints for industrial and construction application and can be used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners.

It is used for connecting two non-similar surfaces and especially for water proofing between joints.



1) Maintain tack at temperature as low as 40ºF (5ºC) permitting application in unheated area.

2) Stays in position on vertical or overhead surfaces

3) Easy hand layup—no special equipment needed.

4) Repositionable during application. Builds aggressive adhesion with time.

5) Solvent-free

6) No shrinkage.

7) Vibration and sound dampening qualities.

8) Helps prevent bimetallic (galvanic cell action) corrosion, when placed between metal surfaces.

9) May be positioned side by side to achieve varying widths.

10) Excellent mechanical properties:

  • high adhesive intensity (excellent adhesive to various Roofing and Building materials such as cement concrete, metal, asbestos, wood, plastic, glass, fiberglass, textiles, etc.)
  • high tensile strength
  • good elasticity
  • good extend property.

12) Easy for operation.