Bu Seal / Butyl Wrap

Butyl Wrap is a laminate of elastomeric, modified butyl rubber adhesive. Easy to release foil protects the adhesive side and provides easy application.

Butyl Wrap is a self-adhesive butyl wrap, heavy-duty  vapor  barrier  and  weatherproof  tape used in (petro) chemical- and cryogenic installations. In addition, apply in HVAC and car industry.

Butyl Wrap When it use for Weather proofing, vapor barrier protection of insulation systems, roof flashings and repair sealing expansion / Contraction joints, air-ducts, etc.

Butyl Wrap When applies it on surface, must be clean, dust-free and dry. Cut the foil/tape to correct size, apply and press down firmly. A roller will facilitate adhesion. Recommend minimum overlap 40mm.

Butyl Wrap contains no asbestos, lead, mercury, or mercury compounds.