Aluminium Coils


 IJA Aluminum Jacketing is manufactured from alloy 3003, 3105 ,1100 , 6061 and 5005 series conforming to ASTM B-209 designation, within (H-14) half hard temper and heavier gauges quarter-hard (H-12 lock-forming quality).


Commercially pure aluminum is relatively soft as structural material. Its strength can be greatly im­proved by alloying aluminum with small percentages of one or more other elements such as manganese, silicon, copper, magnesium or zinc. Additional strength can be achieved by cold working, such as cold rolling.

Unless a specific alloy is requested IJA reserves the right to ship whichever alloy is in stock at time of order placement. Other alloys are special order and minimum quantities and extended lead-time required.

Aluminum jacketing is available in Smooth, Stucco Embossed, Corrugated and Cross-Crimped finishes.

 Available Corrugated size in alloy 3003 are as given here  6 x 32mm, 12 x 64mm and 19 x 76mm while Cross- Crimped is available in 3/16” size

Box profiles are available in Alloy 3015 as per the drawing below , Alloy 3105 has more stronger than Alloy 3003.

Thickness & Suggested Applications

0.016″ (0.4mm)            The standard for industrial use. Recommended over insulated lines up to 36″ O.D.

& 0.020″ (0.5mm)         including insulation.

0.024″ (0.6mm)            A heavier weight jacketing used on larger diameter lines and large equipment up to 8 feet in diameter.

0.032″ (0.8mm)            Used in special applications where extra thickness and protection is required, such as fabricated tank head covers and other special fabrications.

0.040″ (1.0mm)            Available in rolls, where extra heavy gauges are required because of severe mechanical

& 0.050″ (1.2mm)         abuse or special fabricating requirements, such as flat ducts or precipitators. Also recommended for areas subject to high wind conditions.

Width                           914 mm, 1,000 mm & 1,219 mm

Length                         30 Meters, 60 Meters, 90 Meters, Coils & Flat Sheets

Moisture Barrier          Prevents galvanic corrosion caused by contact of dissimilar metals in the presence of moisture, and also chemical corrosion caused by contact of dissimilar metals in the presence of moisture, and by certain insulation materials when the sheets are installed over damp insulation materials.

Moisture Barrier Types:

·       Kraft Paper: Aluminum jacketing is supplied with a moisture barrier, consists of 40-pound Kraft paper coated with one-mil thick, low density polyethylene film, heat and pressure bonded to the interior surface. This is moisture barrier.

·       Poly-Surlyn: For increased galvanic and corrosion protection, three mil polyethylene moisture barrier are available.

·       Protective Barrier: Aluminium Jacketing with factory applied reflective and protective barrier coating of Polyethylene and reflective Aluminium Foil.

Exterior Protection      Metal jacketing can be externally protected against salty moisture and chemical attacks

Exterior Protection Types:

Acrylic Coating/Film

Polyester Coating/Film

PolyVinyliDene Fluoride (PVDF) Coating/Film

Polyurethane (PU) Coating/Film

 Recommended Uses

Aluminum Jacketing is recommended for HVAC, Insulated Piping, Tanks & vessels less than 8 feet in diameter. Deep corrugated sheets are recommended for diameters greater than 8 feet.