Aluminised steel Type 2

Aluminized Steel Type 2 according to ASTM A 463/A 463M – 97 T2 300.

T2:means commercially pure aluminium

300means coating weight total both sides 300 g/m2

Aluminized Steel Type 2 was developed in 1939 for superior environmental corrosion resistance. Type 2 combines the strength of a steel substrate with the corrosion resistance of aluminium.

Production-method: Hot-dip coating process


Aluminized Steel Type 2 is produced by continuous hot-dip coating of steel strip in a bath of molten, commercially pure aluminium. Cleaning the strip in a non-oxidizing / reducing furnace atmosphere assures a pristine surface for coating adherence. Interaction of molten aluminium with the steel surface produces a metallurgical bond and provides corrosion protection. Line speed, bath temperature and air finishing knives control aluminium coating thickness.