Aluminised steel type 1

Aluminised steel type 1 , 240~270g/m²,g/m²

IJA ALUCOT Steel is continuously hot dip coated with aluminium-silicon alloy to a thickness of 89 microns, equivalent to 240~270g/m²,g/m², including both sides. The coating is composed of 90% aluminium and 10% silicon. It is used for performance critical applications. Suitable for pipe lagging, ventilation, ducting & building cladding in the building, power generating, petrochemical, oill and marine industries.


Corrosion Resistance: IJA ALUCOT has superior performance compared to zinc coated materials.materials It is zinc-free

and suitable for harsh atmospheric conditions. A passivating layer of aluminium oxide is formed instantly in

contact with the oxygen present in air. Since this passivation protection renews itself naturally when damaged

(scratches), the coating offers excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical attack.

Formability: IJA ALUCOT can be used to produce parts containing simple bends to parts with extreme deep

drawing requirements.

Heat Reflectivity: IJA ALUCOT has excellent heat reflectivity during exposures to temperatures below 4450°C,

reflecting up to 80% of the radiant heat that impinges upon it.

High Temperature Properties: IJA ALUCOT is an excellent heat resistant material material. The presence of silicon

allows the coating to be used at temperatures as high as 650°C without flaking.