Acoustic barrier

IJA A.B PAD / SHEET is acoustic barrier pad /Sheet. EVA Based co-polymer as a mineral loaded vinyl with different types or barium loaded vinyl barrier (higher density for increasing sound barrier) for application as insulation for piping and equipment. Select of selfadhesive or none adhesive choice for dampening of sound energy (noise), transmitted through metallic structures and constructions of sheet metal (Aluminum, Steel, Copper) or hardplastic.

IJA  A.B PAD / SHEET is room temperature the material has very good resistance to mineral oils, greases, weak acids and alkalis.

IJA A.B PAD / SHEET is designed to improve the sound insulation of existing structures at all frequencies. The acoustic membrane is normally fixed in intimate contact with the original substrate or on pre-installed spacing/insulation material.

IJA A.B PAD / SHEET are particularly effective in overcoming coincidence dip resonance found in stiff lightweight composites such as plywood sheets and hollow core panels.

IJA  A.B PAD / SHEET is when apply it on surface, must be clean, dustfree and dry. Cut to correct size, apply and press down firmly

IJA A.B PAD / SHEET is typically used as the specified acoustic roof membrane on profiled aluminum roofing and standing seam roof systems. They have been specifically designed as low tackwith a high integral strength giving ease of application.

Available thickness – 2 mm, 3 mm, 4mm

Application :

Sound & Noise blocking and the reduce vibration

Size :

Wide 1,000 mm (standard) / MAX Wide 1,200 mm

(Custom made available upon request)

Type :

None Adhesive type (standard) Selfadhesive Acrylic Adhesive type

Thickness :

2.0 mm ± 5% (standard)

(Custom made available upon request)

Density (ASTM D 792) : 2.5 g/cm 3± 5%

Superficial nominal weight : 5.0 Kg/m 2± 5%